Managing Director’s Message

Managing Director

Md. Masum Mia
Mobile:- 01718523810

I am into Textile, Garment and Apparel manufacturing Business. I have been working since 2001 till Today. Tried to gather knowledge & experience in Textile manufacturing process including spinning, weaving,dyeing/printing and stitching and RMG technology. I am Managing Director of Arman Textile and also Mothers fabrics Ltd.

Arman Textile is the largest Textile conglomerate in South Asia. We manufacture home textile product e.g. Bed sheet, Curtain & Towel. We also produce various counts of yarn, woven fabrics,Denim,Mosquito net & Fishing net.
We have over 80,000 employees in Bangladesh with diverse backgrounds. We pride on having very low employee turnover and excellent rapport between management and workers. According to ILO, we are the third largest employer in Bangladesh.
We currently export our products to North America, European Union, Japan and Australia.

-Md. Masum Mia,
Managing Director