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About Arman Textile

About Arman Textile



Arman Textile is 100% export oriented Garments (Sweater) Manufacturing Company. We constantly stay ahead in producing and exporting quality and latest fashionable garments for men, women and children as per the requirements of the buyers from different countries of the world. Our product is cost effective and we are dedicated to our customers with the best satisfaction for sustainable competitive advantage. Currently we are supplying our product in Europe, USA.

Arman Textiles was founded in 2000. We started textiles business with 30 employees in Narsingdhii. We keep producing in a larger 2400 m² area. Our brand is growing quickly and intensely in exports with the professional staff.

Our Mission:
The trust and experience we gained from exports affected quickly on our new production plans. So our export figures raised by %30 and reached a record level in the industry.
Our quality based production policy provides long-term partnership with all customers and staff.

Our Vision:
Is increasing factory performance with dynamic, open for change employees by getting adapted to evolving technologies of the age and keep our customers satisfied with quality based production.
Our vision is to make all of our employees feel more belonged to the brand, improve their earnings and make it easier to progress on career depending on their potential.